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Utah's Heavenly Hardpans

Go Land Sailing in Utah! $1,349 pp
Tour 3 days / 2 nights


Departing from Las Vegas, an all-inclusive 3-day land sailing tour with lodging for 2 nights in Baker, Nevada. Experience top attractions in nearby Great Basin National Park - one of the nation's best locations for evening stargazing. Enjoy land sailing using the industry's safest high-performance land yachts. And in the high desert valleys of Utah, the climate is 10+ degrees cooler! Your Utah land sailing adventure awaits - Book Early!

What's Included

  • Top Rated Service and Support for 3 Days and 2 Nights
  • Las Vegas Strip Area Hotel / Airbnb / Airport Pick-Up and Return
  • Safest, Top Quality High-Performance Land Yachts
  • Exclusive Access To Utah's Finest Land Sailing Hardpans
  • See Great Basin National Park, Astronomy Viewing Nights, Lehman Caves Tour
  • Made-To-Order Meals, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit and Snacks
  • Use Of HD Action Cams, Memory Cards, Source File Storage and Downloads

Upcoming Trips

Meets in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dates intend to coincide with the darkest skies each month for optimal stargazing during Astronomy Nights (admission is included) led by Great Basin National Park rangers

  • 2019 Dates: to be posted Jan 2019

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Reserve Optional Blokart Upgrades

  • Blokart POD: aerodynamic cockpit enclosure for single seater only
  • Blokart SHADOW: converts single seater into a 2-seater
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1 Enjoy a scenic morning drive from Las Vegas to the first wind-prone hardpan whose colors perfectly contrast against a mountainous backdrop. Rugged peaks rise up from the valley floor on both sides of the hardpan - handy for directional orientation without technology.

You’ll be outfitted with your own land yacht and shown how to read the wind, use the points of sail, and master a “Figure 8” loop course. Soon you'll go for wider and faster reaches across the hardpan alongside your fellow sailors. Experienced sailors are free to skip the lessons and sail further out immediately. Discover the natural power of acceleration in the fun desert winds!


Explore the far ends of the hardpan by sailing perpendicular to the wind first, then your guide will show you the best ways to tack & jibe for maximum performance in other directions across the hardpan. It's a full day of fun!

This evening enjoy a hearty dinner then meet up with a park ranger to enjoy incredible stargazing before settling in for the night at the inn (Hidden Canyon Retreat). Meals included: L, D


Evening activity first and second days: Stargazing at Great Basin Observatory (GBO) (optional, included) The GBO is the first research grade observatory ever built in a U.S. National Park. At an elevation of 6,825 feet - with no significant man-made light for 70 miles in all directions - it's a state-of-the-art, remotely operated, optical astronomical telescope.

The GBO enables researchers to explore fundamental questions about our universe. Its location in Great Basin National Park underscores the need to preserve night skies as a park resource. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING - NOT TO BE MISSED!

Day 2 After a delicious made-to-order breakfast, travel across grand landscapes to another amazing desert hardpan for land sailing and exploration. This hardpan has a lot of character- different colors, sailing lanes, even an island!


Today’s goal is threefold: fun, Fun, FUN! Enjoy casual or Big Air runs along the length of the hardpan - use a free GPS speedometer app or go "old school" and be first to clear the flags and cross the finish line to win an award. Test your skills at formation land sailing - everyone must maintain the same speed and heading - it’s fun and it looks easy, but it requires a steady hand and major finesse!

NEW Go on a land sailing treasure hunt! Strategically maintain your speed and heading across the hardpan while keeping an eye out for colorful curios left behind by ancient beings - you never know what you may find! Redeem your collected curios at base camp to reveal their point values two are ever the same.. Will you be the winning sailor with the most points?

Take your time sailing around the hardpan to capture a few more action videos or photos before shuttling back to Baker this evening. Meals included: B, L, D


Day 3 After breakfast, shuttle to nearby Lehman Caves for a 1-hour tour of its amazing underground formations (admission included, tour led by park rangers). The inside temperature is a constant 50 degrees, so make sure you bring a light jacket. It's a truly amazing place to see, with its own unique kind of grandness that you won't soon forget. Take photos! After the caves tour, return to Las Vegas - arriving in the city not later than 4:30 PM. You'll return home with amazing memories of land sailing in Utah's magnificent outback, including Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves, and some of the best stargazing in the world. Meals included: B, L

Where You'll Stay

Hidden Canyon Retreat, 2 nights ♦ Selected for its superb tranquility away from road noise and city lights, you'll sleep peacefully under a star-filled sky. Check out the well-appointed clubhouse where beer and wine are available. Play a round of billiards or table soccer with friends, or read in the library. After the sun goes down, step outside for some of the best stargazing in the country. Need even more adventure after a day of land sailing? Rent a 4-seat ATV (fee not included) and explore the area's excellent trail network with viewpoints rising high above the canyon. Wildlife - including deer and golden eagles - are frequent visitors to the area. | 775-234-7172

What To Expect


Driving times can be lengthy however there are interesting and scenic stops along the way to enjoy. Winds are generally active in the open desert and can sometimes be elusive. To date in 2018, guests have enjoyed a 98.33% sailing rate (1.67% storms or rain.) Since 2005, just 5 guest make-up trips were needed. Alternate activities and destinations will be provided should weather conditions become inclement. Overseas guests holding non-USA passports will receive a generous credit if a make-up trip is not possible.

What Happens Next


You will receive a confirmation phone call (between 9am EST and 7pm PST) to confirm the status and review all details. This will also be emailed to you. Do not purchase non-refundable or non-changeable air tickets before your land sailing trip is 100% confirmed, usually not longer than 2-3 weeks ahead of your chosen trip departure date. Most trips fill fast and confirm quickly. Deposit(s) refunded in full if canceled for low enrollment.

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