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Private Experience | VIP Treatment

On the day of your choice, Omega Land Sailing is 100% at your service. For up to 6 hours, you'll be land sailing at Ivanpah Dry Lake - the finest and largest land sailing playa in the Las Vegas region.


Whether you go alone or with your private group, Ivanpah's wide open spaces will be completely yours to enjoy. Includes transportation, instruction, the highest quality gear, food and beverages, and professional photo and video capture service. The perfect setting for a team building event, a pre or post-wedding experience, or simple camaraderie with friends. As one of the most unique activities in the world, land sailing + sunny skies + desert breezes + the grand scale of the playa = fun, Fun, FUN! A private land regatta is included, and prizes will be awarded with printable certificates.


BONUS Includes a complimentary 18-month membership in the Omega Captains Club — a group of sailors who regularly travel to Las Vegas for more intimate land sailing excursions. You'll make new and lasting friendships and enjoy exclusive benefits - be among the first to sail with new equipment, access new technologies or aftermarket designs, and premium lodging and dining with private trip itineraries available only to members. Please inquire directly for information on how to join or renew.

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Instantly confirms, maximum 10 persons per experience. Select the date you want to reserve and enter your name and phone number, then click the "Add to Cart" button. Air fare to Las Vegas is not included. Need help? Please call 800-377-9774

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Reserve Optional Blokart Upgrades

  • Blokart POD: aerodynamic cockpit enclosure for single seater only
  • Blokart SHADOW: converts single seater into a 2-seater
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What To Expect

Dedicated service: guides are non-smoking professionals, with over 20 years experience. Winds: generally active in the open desert and yet can become elusive, patience is sometimes required for optimal performance. To date in 2018, guests have enjoyed an average 98.33% sailing rate while on location. There are no refunds, however, generous credits are given if inclement weather prevents you from sailing more than 50% of the time on location. Credits are transferrable and never expire.

What Happens After You Book


You will receive a confirmation phone call (between 9am EST and 7pm PST) to confirm all details - this confirmation information will also be emailed to you. We do not recommend purchasing non-refundable or non-changeable air tickets, and trip cancellation insurance is strongly encouraged.

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