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Serving Las Vegas Since 2005

Las Vegas - The Ultimate Private Land Sailing Experience

  • Available Mar-May and Sep-Oct (Best weather!)
  • Ages 12 and up, Groups of 4 to 10 people
  • 2-3 hours of land sailing, 4-5 hours trip total
  • Snacks & beverages, equipment, transportation, instruction and safety gear
  • Race for 1st Place in the regatta, photos, HD/4K drone, and video services included

What you'll do, where you'll go

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You'll pilot a modern 1-Design Blokart land yacht featuring best-in-class performance and safety features. Within minutes, you'll be blasting across Ivanpah Dry Lake's supreme surface - fun, Fun, FUN!

Feeling the "need for speed"? Ivanpah is home to the world land sailing speed record - 126 mph! You'll be shown how to max it out at double to triple the wind speed. Want to relax and cruise around casually? You'll see how to do that too. Even if it's real windy, you'll be able keep the speed down to 10 mph, or even a crawl.


Land sailing is widely considered a must-do Las Vegas bucket list activity - don't miss it! And Ivanpah is actually an experience in and of itself - wide open, vast and wild. In this crowded overstimulated world, it's the perfect place to clear your mind, do your own thing, and have so much fun!

The itinerary

  1. Depart Excalibur - rear bus rotunda (Map)
  2. Shuttle 35 mins to Ivanpah Dry Lake
  3. Go land sailing for 2-3 hours WOOHOO!
  4. Return to Excalibur, All Smiles!

Book your experience

  • Minimum 4 persons - $199/pp
  • Additional persons up to 10 - $179/ea
  • Join or form a group to meet the minimum
  • Available Mar-May and Sep-Oct
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You will receive a phone call from area code 702 during normal business hours to confirm your booking details, and a confirmation email will also be sent. Please also check your email application's spam or junk folders for subject: "Land sailing confirmation" If you did not receive an email within 1 business day, please call (702) 670-1128.

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