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Serving Las Vegas Since 2005

Las Vegas Land Sailing

2-Hour Express Tour $200/pp

SUMMER 2018 (Jun-Sep)

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Las Vegas's most unique activity pioneered by Omega Land Sailing in 2005 | SAFETY FIRST! Summer express schedule now in effect - take Las Vegas's Top Rated land sailing tour in the morning - a great time to be had while minimizing sun and heat exposure | Sail the most modern 1-Design land yachts with speeds up to 80+ mph* | Rider weight support up to 300 lbs

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What You Get:

  • Top Rated Service, Value and Experience Guarantee*
  • Hotel / Airbnb / Airport Pick-Up and Return
  • Safest Top Quality Land Yachts
  • Flexible Morning Departures
  • Professional Non-Smoking Driver-Guides
  • The Best Local Dry Lakes
  • Joyous Adrenaline Up To 3X The Wind Speed
  • A Mini Regatta Race* - Win A Prize!
  • SUMMER EXPRESS = Approx 1-Hr Sailing Time*
  • Fiji® Water, Fresh Fruit and Healthy Snacks
  • Complimentary Use Of HD Action Cams + Memory Cards + Digital Printing + Source Downloads

* depends on conducive winds; unlimited make-up trips


(Jun-Sep) 2-person minimum; booking 2+ passes or Single VIP pass instantly confirms trip. A Single VIP trip runs even as the only person booked that day. Maximum (10) persons; confirmation within 24 hours. Greyed-out dates are unavailable. Same-day booking inquiries: please call 800-377-9774 or email by 11:00 AM PST

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Regular Season (Sep-May) $250/pp

Regular Season Half-Day Tour (4.5 Hours) Maximum (15) persons Groups larger than 15: please call 800-377-9774. Greyed-out dates are unavailable Same-day booking: please call 800-377-9774 or email by 11:00 AM PST

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Reserve Optional Equipment Upgrades

  • Blokart POD: aerodynamic cockpit enclosure, single seat only, max speed 60+ mph
  • Blokart Shadow: converts the Blokart into a 2-seater
  • Manta Single Yacht: a roomier 1-seat ride, holds up to 260 lbs, max speed 60+ mph
  • Manta Double Yacht: an even roomier 2-seat ride, holds up to 500 lbs, max speed 60+ mph
  • The Mooney II: a professional series racing yacht seats 2, holds up to 500 lbs, max speed 80+ mph. You MUST provide evidence of sailing experience credentials- A brief test will be given to ensure you are capable of piloting this amazing machine
    Image: See Upgrades

Select one item at a time to add to cart- Quantities can be edited on the View Cart page before checking out- PLEASE NOTE: maximum quantities for Mantas and Mooney II yachts are (2) per trip

Blokart sail/trim color
Manta sail/trim color

Your Land Sailing Tour Highlights:


SUMMER EXPRESS - Select a morning departure time for a 2 hour land sailing tour. Beginners Welcome! Your guide will transport you to a dry lake located a short drive from the city. After a quick set-up and safety brief, you'll be zooming across the desert in minutes. Your guide will place the day's course markers and show you how to easily master maneuvers like reaching, tacking and jibing for best performance.

Experienced sailor? Skip the basic lessons and immediately sail out on your own. Your guide will assist everyone with photo and video captures. Enjoy complimentary HD action video cam use. Later, take a refreshing break with a cool drink and a bite to eat, then head back out to explore more of today's amazing playa.


Mini Regatta Race - Ready, Set.. GO!! Test your skills for the fastest sailing time around the course and win a prize! Afterwards, return to the city with amazing memories of the most unique activity in Las Vegas.

What To Expect:


Winds are usually present in the open desert, and can sometimes be elusive. To date in 2018, guests have enjoyed a 98.33% sailing rate (1.67% due to storms or rain.) Your trip price guarantees that you will sail; with unlimited make-up trips. Even the ziplines and ATV providers cannot deliver a guaranteed experience each and every day in this active weather region. Since 2005, just 5 make-up trips were required. Overseas guests holding non-USA passports will receive a generous credit if a make-up trip is not possible.

What Happens After Your Purchase:


You will receive a confirmation phone call (between 9am EST and 7pm PST) to confirm trip status, pick-up time and location and other details - this information will also be emailed to you. We do not recommend purchasing non-refundable or non-changeable air tickets until your trip is fully confirmed.

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