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Pat Scarsella "I did this with a friend over a year ago ... it was a BLAST! I look forward to going again."


Sandy Turner "I also did this a few years ago and will never forget it. It was an awesome experience and hope to do it again as well!!"

Yelp! Reviews

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" All that I can say is WOW, what an amazing experience!!! We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. It's a MUST DO for all locals and visitors alike...crazy fun!!! It's a TOTALLY green sport that only uses wind to get you going...and here in Vegas we have lots of wind to spare!!! AAA+++ "

— Kathryn S.
Beverly Hills, CA

" This should be on everyone's to do list .. we were free to zoom over the dry lake and have fun, and that's just what the three of us did. It was great! "

— Norm K.
Las Vegas, NV

" Great fun for the whole group. THUMBS UP! "

— My T.
Las Vegas, NV

" Some of the sounds you will hear if you go land sailing: wheeeeeeeeeeeee . . . this is amazing . . . . whoa . . . wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Not just the best in Vegas or Nevada, but one of the most fun activities EVER. All the joys of sailing -- without the sea sickness. With the right wind, you can speed along at around 30 mph -- it feels amazing. "

— Cayenne E.
Henderson, NV

" My husband and I went and had a blast! It was a lot easier to get going than I expected and I really enjoyed seeing a different side of the Vegas area. "

— Leslie S.
Littleton, CO

Direct Reviews

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" We had an awesome time landsailing! It was so easy, anyone can do it and it is so much fun. Pete is really patient and a very good instructor. I would recommend Landsailing Tours to anyone, at any age. "

— Lorraine Lambert
Blairstown, NJ

" Landsailing was a unique and memorable part of our vacation. All arrangements were fast and geared to our needs. It was something the whole family could enjoy together! I look forward to going again when we are in the [Las Vegas] area. "

— Robin Lee
Riverview, FL

" Amazing! Wonderful! Exciting! Phenomenal! Sensational! Awesome! These are the words I would use to describe my landsailing experience. But to put it simply, it was Fun! Fun! Fun! "

— Antwine Chevalier
Los Angeles, CA

" We had a great time landsailing it was easy to do, and exciting. Everyone in our group young and old enjoyed the day. We definitely want to go again the next time we get back to Las Vegas. Thank You Pete for a wonderful time. "

— Phyllis and Jim Young
Milford, CT

" Great place, great leader, great time and great memories. "

— Greg Jones
Cleveland, OH

All Las Vegas Reviews

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Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin
Director of Marketing

"Running your own tour business in Las Vegas is not easy. Pete was involved with all aspects of Land Sailing Tours and was always very easy to work with. He understood the need for providing excellent customer service to his guests, making sure they had a great experience. If there was ever any question or concern it was addressed promptly. Pete was a rare bird in the Las Vegas tourism industry and I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him."

Nick Cox
Nick Cox
Programme Manager/Director

"Area 51 may be a secret but there’s no secret that we had a great time Land Sailing with Pete and Omega Land Sailing. The experience was a joy from start to end, very professionally executed and the views were tremendous. Since first land sailing with Pete we have got hooked on the experience and have booked multiple times, each time learning more. We are really looking forward to another experience soon! A big thanks to Pete and Omega Land Sailing for providing this experience in a setting that has to been seen to be believed."