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Serving Las Vegas Since 2005

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Half Day from Las Vegas
Experience the most unique outdoor activity pioneered by Omega Land Sailing in 2005. Go land sailing with the most experienced outfitter & guide service with top ratings and the safest most modern fleet of 1-Design Blokart land yachts. 4-hour tour with up to 2.5 hours land sailing. All hotels served, flexible times, group rates, and locals / drive-up discounts available. Big Fun! See below for same-day / last minute / on-demand service


Today On Demand NEW
Breezy outside but you don't have a reservation? No worries! Just shoot an email below to inquire. (No calls.) Once confirmed, you'll be picked up and whisked away to your land sailing experience within the hour!
Pricing varies

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NEVADA | 3 Days
"Nye County Neverlands" - Go land sailing in the beautiful high desert where the weather is cooler and the dry lakes are supreme. Escape the crowds have the time of your life in central Nevada's big open spaces. Flexible times and private group rates are available.


UTAH | 3 Days
"Utah's Heavenly Hardpans" - A rare opportunity to experience land sailing in western Utah, this epic tour also gets you access to Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves, and time to enjoy incredible stargazing at night. Flexible times and private group rates are available.


Private Experiences from Las Vegas
Omega Land Sailing is 100% at your service for up to 6 hours on the day of your choice. You'll have the far reaches of Ivanpah Dry Lake - the region's top land sailing playa - all to yourself. Includes extra perks and an 18-month Captains Club membership.